Reimagine, Reinvest, Renew



Reimagine: Create a city and district in which housing is understood to be a human right, upheld through a commitment to safe and dignified housing for NYCHA and private tenants and a promotion & protection of homeownership.

Reinvest: Create funding for NYCHA housing improvements, and facilitate more green spaces. Create an emergency rent control and stabilization act, to ensure that workers do not have to live month to month. Protect small-owners from predatory loan practices and wealth theft.

Renew our commitment to the human rights of dignity and community. Understand that housing is not just a roof over our heads, but an incubator of family and cornerstone of the communal life.


Reimagine: Develop equitably integrated schools committed to excellent education, interpersonal relationships, graduation, and preparation for the 21st-century world.

Reinvest: Increase funding for public schools to (1) provide necessary resources for students and improved pay for teachers and staff, (2) address individual school needs, (3) fund free community college and vocational programs.

Renew our understanding of education as a pillar of a shared society. Children and youth learn math, language, and literature in order to function in this world, but attend school in order to participate in and build this world, together.


Reimagine: Develop a district and city committed to tackling violence and poverty as symptoms of deeper ailments, to be solved through investment in the community at every level and stage of life.

Reinvest inefficient NYPD resources into data-driven solutions to community problems, including increasing access to drug treatment, mental health counselors, and community centers. Work closely with intervention organizations and create initiatives to tackle gun violence.

Renew our sense of safety as we walk down our streets, relax in our parks, and drop our children off at school. Renew our sense of obligation to our neighbors, and with that, our reliance on them as well.


Reimagine a post-COVID economy by regaining what was lost and uplifting those who were denied growth and mobility before the pandemic. Small businesses, unions, professionals, and working families will be centered in an economy that runs on renewable energy and elevates all.

Reinvest increased tax revenue from the weatlhy into (1) relief for small businesses and tenants in a post-COVID NYC, (2) a new city-led climate task force employing tens of thousands of workers, (3) a SYEP Green Energy arm, prepping the youth in NYC for a green future.

Renew the belief that we are not adversaries racing for finite resources, but partners, who count our neighbor’s victories as our own. The economy must be both a path by which anyone can succeed and a platform on which everyone can stand.


Reimagine a health care system that prioritizes public health initiatives, preventative care and universal access. A health and pharmaceutical system committed to wellness, not greed, where providers are treated fairly and patients are prioritized.

Reinvest new tax revenue from local public health detractors, such as large format vehicles, into (1) improved pay and benefits for health care workers, (2) senior living centers and at-home care, (3) a marketing plan for NYC insurance initiative, (4) Medicaid sign-ups at community hubs.

Renew the idea that Healthcare is a civil rights issue. Renew our respect and support for both the system and the workers who risk their lives to protect us. Renew healthcare’s position, not as a stratified luxury, but the bedrock of a just society.

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