Reimagine, Reinvest, Renew

This is a movement for change and progress. I am not waiting until I am in office to make a difference. We are working on actions now to initiate change in District 36 and New York City including supporting and proposing legislation, and offering constituent services for neighbors in need. My platform is an actionable guide to addressing the needs of our communities, right, now!

Affordable Housing

Housing is a human right. We are in a crisis that turns insecure housing into a health and wellness issue. In order for us to address these issues, we need to prioritize the safety & security of renters, small homeowners  and the unsheltered. We need to (1) develop new tools for renting and new protections for the middle, working and vulnerable classes; (2) address how new construction can displace current neighbors while overcharging new residents.

Public Safety

Our public safety system has been failing us for decades. We need a serious reimagining of how public safety and law enforcement operate. We need a system that thwarts crimes but does not criminalize communities. By divesting from bloating budgets and reinvesting into underfunded agencies and CBOs, we will renew trust and build community within our neighborhoods.  


We should expand healthcare programs that support vulnerable families. And, we must invest in the construction of new out-patient and in-patient facilities. One of my goals is to ensure frontline workers and healthcare staff receive fair compensation for their work. This pandemic illustrates how vital they are to our communities


In order for us to rebuild and reinvest back into our communities we need to lay down firm and progressive foundations through equitable education systems. I want to implement practical solutions like Free CUNY, bring cultural and capacity learning into our district, deemphasize standardized tests, ensure robust budgets reach all schools, and prepare staff & families for virtual schooling.

Criminal Justice

The criminal justice system in NYC is deeply flawed, having produced situations like the Central Park Five, Eric Garner, Khalief Browder and countless other scenarios. I want a criminal justice system that expands the City Council’s decision-making powers in the appointment of criminal prosecutors and criminal court judges. I want a system that protects my neighbors from criminals without criminalizing my neighborhoods.


We will fight to rectify environmental injustices in the district and across the city. We will reimagine a healthy & sustainable city by creating good-paying union jobs in the clean energy industry while protecting frontline and fenceline communities. By the end of my term, we will increase district green space to 4-10%. This will help turn unused spaces into garden or green growth opportunities.


We will rebuild our economy by bringing back jobs and imagining more equitable labor practices. I will fight for workers' rights, opportunities, and compensation through legislation, partnerships with local businesses, community-based organizations, and existing agency programs. I will continue my work in addressing hiring practices, opaque firings, intra-community hiring, union opportunities, and viable non-union employment.

Small business

The pandemic has left many local businesses struggling. We need to do a better job protecting them from closing and providing pathways to success. Central Brooklyn’s local employers provide jobs, livelihoods, and culture within our district. Through legislation, co-governance, and constituent services we will help our small business owners and workers survive this crisis, and help new businesses open in our community.

Food justice

Our communities have been given the short end of the stick when it comes to accessing quality food. Even with gentrification, Central Brooklyn is still a food desert for many. I am committed to creating access to quality food for all families. We are combating food scarcity by working with grocers, CBOs, mutual aids and community gardens to bring nutritious, freshly sourced food options to all citizens.


Our seniors are the living legacies of our communities. Providing security and peace of mind to allow them relaxation and recreation is important. I will protect existing financial programs for rent and costs of drugs. Today, I am fighting to expand the powers of DFTA, to proactively protect elders from abuse, ill conditions and predatory practices — like the DOH does for our health & food.


The pandemic has exposed the fraying fibers of New York City. Building a better city requires expanding EBT/SNAP qualifications to increase eligibility and ensure all citizens have robust access to healthy food options. We can improve the purchasing power and purchasing options of EBT & SNAP participants. And, offer families opportunities and access to New York City’s cultural and social centers.

Disability Justice

Everyone deserves a fighting chance to build live their dream and build their lives. Disability Justice is fighting for equitable pay and education for the disabled. I want to inspire and legislate greater accessibility to public transportation, apartments, schools, and cultural institutions. Disability Justice is ensuring access and supporting community.

Animal Rights

I will fight to create pet friendly homeless shelters, call on congress to end factory farming, grant additional funding to the WildlifeNYC program, create more programming and conservation initiatives for our children and young adults, address the pest issue in our city’s infrastructure, and work with the Department of Parks for more dog parks

Waste Equity

I will partner with the community to expand compost sites, work with community organizations and small businesses to end plastic waste, work to achieve carbon neutrality in NYCHA housing, and encourage companies to invest in composting

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