Platform ︎

  1. I will fight to increase SNAP’s maximum allowable benefit per month and implement mandatory periodical increases or adjustments to parallel inflation.
    • Advise our federal legislatures to immediately raise the per meal amount to $2 - $4
  2. Advocate to end the ban on using SNAP benefits to purchase hot food.
  3. Advocate for the creation of a SNAP RMP program in New York and then partnering with local restaurants, allowing our hard working residents and their families access to not only healthier, community backed meals, but also the ability to order food from delivery apps.
  4. Redesign EBT cards to resemble a modern debit card.
  5. EBT and SNAP cardholders will have $3 access and/or free access to cultural institutions, privately and publicly funded.
  6. Resolution for the City Comptroller to request deep audits to quantify the processes for SNAP eligibility in New York City.
  7. Work with state and federal legislators/agencies for decisive actions on relief, to avoid the situation we encountered with the millions from the NYS did not disperse efficiently. 
  8. CUNY program to ensure SNAP eligibility for local and CUNY full-time students:
    • Undergrad
    • Graduate students
    • Medical and Law students

Actions ︎

  • Support Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT). Remind families to check their eligibility.
  • Connect Farmers Markets and constituents using SNAPvto utilize Health Bucks. Supporting our families with quality food and our farmers (traditional & urban)
  • Inform and promote the current availability of SNAP for college and university students
  • Advocate for EA-SNAP benefits to end 90-days after the emergency status in NYS, caused by COVID-19, is lifted

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