Small Businesses


Platform ︎

  1. Create a New York City Public Bank
  2. Investing in worker cooperatives for young adults, helping to foster youth entrepreneurship
  3. Covid Relief - Assess permit and licensing process, specifically the duration it takes to acquire official documents
  4. Reduce the cost of Medallion licences, Also expand the number of garages as per TLC recommendation
  5. Periods of ceiling reduction on delivery services
  6. Advocating for Permanent outdoor dining
  7. Require small businesses to inform employers of health insurance options internally or from the State. 

Actions ︎

  • Helping creatives,  fine artists,  community based organizations and cultural institutions in the district utilize the "Open Culture" Program.
    • Guidance throughout the application process
    • Ensuring small and midsize organizations and institutions gain access
    • Ensuring local creatives understand the program
  • Supporting hospitality workers and small restaurants during the indoor-dining ban increase traffic and reduce ceiling rate of delivery apps
  • Alerting small business owners to rental aid and grant programs
    • Almost $100K in grants have been distributed through the team’s efforts

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