Waste Equity


Platform ︎

  • Expand Clean Curbs pilot program to residential neighborhoods. This program could create enclosed trash storage on our blocks. It would include providing trash transport assistance to elderly and disabled persons.
  • Partner with the community to expand compost sites
  • Work with residents, community organizations and small businesses to end plastic waste.This can be achieved through reusable bag initiatives, intelligent recycling, and upcycling.
  • Advocate for passage of Senate Bill S1185, which establishes the extended producer responsibility act.  ßWhat is this,
  • Advocate for the modernization of waste management in NYCHA properties.
  • Reduce use of incinerators, expand the list of prohibited chemicals, update the definition of “compostable” to ban toxic chemicals.
  • Run deep audits of NYCHA properties to identify toxic materials such as lead, fungus, and mold.
  • Work to achieve carbon neutrality in NYCHA housing.
  • Advocate for the acceleration of green energy retrofits starting with NYCHA.
  • Present a plan for the development and hire a new wave of green focused NYCHA employees.
  • Prioritize hires from within NYCHA.Utilize and partner with organizations such as Green City Force to make it happen.
  • Fight for passage of the CCIA (Climate Community Investment Act)
  • Advocate to reduce our landfill use by encouraging companies to invest in composting to reduce methane emissions caused by organic waste.
  • Create economic opportunities for localized ownership in commercial sanitation businesses. Working in partnership with initiatives such as the DSNY’s S.O.A.R. program and also allocating a generous sum of funding to provide more grant and loan opportunities for prospective and existing MWBE’s.

Actions ︎

  • More to come!

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