Public Safety


Platform ︎

  1. Create a new, independent auditing body, creating a pathway to accessing the NYPD’s budget:
    • Evaluate operational inefficiencies within the budget and divest from those areas
    • Collect accurate data on dispatches, seizures, services rendered to private entities etc
    • With the reduction of the NYPD budget, allocate those resources to agencies, programs, CBOs and other entities that have a direct impact on their respective communities.
  2. Support for the legislation and bills that requires City Council confirmation of NYPD Commissioners.
  3. Expand 311 by migrating 911 dispatch to the 311 switchboard. Part of the problem is that our officers have too much on their hands. We need to  Change emergency response protocols to connect first responders based on type of emergency. Or, train 911 dispatchers to use the emergency switchboard to contact the appropriate first responders: police for crimes in progress, homelessness to social services, mental health crises to EMTs. Police will not be shut out of emergencies; we will  allow appropriate response teams to lead non-criminal emergencies with the option of utilizing police for protection.
  4. Formally recognizing gun violence as a public health emergency.
  5. Restructure the Civilian Complaint Review Board CCRB:
    • CCRB Director becomes an elected position, not installed by Board
    • Work with the District Attorneys to create dedicated police misconduct divisions, in each jurisdiction
    • Forward CCRB panel findings to the Mayor’s Office of Investigation, City Council’s Committee on Public Safety, District Attorney with jurisdiction and Police Commissioner’s Office
  6. Change the use of force standard from “imminent threat” to “last resort.”
  7. Mandatory, monthly professional development and unarmed community service.
  8. Support the new mental health & social service agency and ensure it functions as first response-leads to non-criminal crises.
  9. Support removal of the NYPD from schools and replacing of School Safety Officers with harm reduction specialists, de-escalators and adequate counselors. Restructure the protocols of civilian School Safety Officers (SSO) requiring professional development in crisis management, de-escalation and other non violent forms of violence neutralization. Place SSO’s under the command of a new office, change command structures - moving management to the DOE.

Actions ︎

  • Co-founded the activist collective Warriors in the Garden, to protest police brutality & misconduct. Notably, in June, we organized marches specifically calling for the repeal 50-A.
  • Presented at the panel discussion “Against Police Brutality” hosted by The Hells Kitchen Democrats and the NAACP -- along with Jerika Richardson, Senior Advisor to NYC CCRB.
  • Raised and allocated nearly $15,000 to Brooklyn-based  anti-violence & community-minded organizations like  Save Our Streets and Universe City.
  • Testified at a City Council hearing in support of bill T2020-6872 Homeless Outreach, which would prioritize social services professionals as first responders. Continuing to interact with the City Council on the bill. (find the link to video on the city council website).
  • Testified in support of Female Genital Mutilation & Cutting (FGM + C): Intro 1828 and Intro 6774, which called for the creating of a task force to fight the practices of FGM + C.

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