Platform ︎

  1. Partnering with local businesses & CBOS to create intra-community job opportunities for youth, specifically those who have a history with the SYEP program.
  2. Expand SYEP funding and access to funding for CBOs in the district
  3. Lobby for the creation of jobs for NYCHA residents and encourage local hiring and job-seeking
    • Mom and pop
    • Franchises
    • Regional/local mid-sized firms
    • Education/Community
      • Teaching artists
      • Community Center Counselors
      • Mediation & de-escalators
      • Harm reduction specialists
  • Partner with Community Based Organizations to create more job attainment programs and training
  1. Raising the awareness of union Jobs within the district. Providing constituents with portals to find jobs supported by a robust union.
    • Repost civil service, guild and union jobs
    • Raising awareness of trade schools and apprenticeships
  2. Create a green energy task force. A citywide initiative focusing on retrofitting according to the Green New Deal standards and maintaining other spaces to mitigate climate change.
    • Through this program, we would also create an apprentice program that would incentivize youth throughout the district to enter a progressive working field.
  3. Encourage all non-union workers to unionize. Unionizing will help protect families and keep incomes parallel to rising costs.
  4. Assess and develops fiscal models for freelance/gig workers ability to receive unemployment aid.
  5. Require small businesses to inform employers of health insurance options: firm directed or government based.
  6. Support the districts expansive creative communities, with resources for non-terresterial/digital businesses -- including consultancies & freelancers.

Actions ︎

  • Creating new civil service positions for DFTA through legislation
    • Enforcement agents who will review, report and recommend senior facilities. And this division should fall under DC37 - Professional.
  • Encouraging gig work and jobs in the arts
    • Raise awareness of NYFA and other opportunities
    • Raise awareness of Open Culture for creatives & artists
  • Testifiied to support the creation artist certification process, but emphasized the importance of including the cultural and artistic disciplines of POC communities & non-traditional artforms.
  • Using local businesses to support their employees.
  • Working with union shops for merchandise & print materials.

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