Platform ︎

  1. Reduce or eliminate surprise medical bills.
  2. Support the New York Health Act.
  3. Work to build at least one more hospital in the district.
  4. Continue the mandate to insure all New Yorkers with a reliable and affordable health care plan
  5. Ensure the health care plans include dental, eye-care and mental health support. Provide special attention to preventative care, including food security and access for all ages.
  6. Further fight infant and birth-mother fatality rates. This includes continuing to public support doula and midwives. Continuing and expanding healthy awareness and promotions for expecting mothers and lactation stations.
  7. Fight to increase salaries for frontline workers across health and medical industries while working to provide the best facilities and protective gear/practices.
  8. “Healthy NY” tax credit: Some of the leading co-morbidities associated with COVID-19 have been diet-related, such as diabetes and obesity. In order to incentivize healthy behavior I propose a “Healthy NY” tax credit, which would allow any New Yorker who qualifies for the EITC to get an additional $500 return on their City income taxes by achieving a number of health milestones throughout the year.

Actions ︎

  • We helped facilitate the distribution of over 6000 masks to our neighbors
  • I have testified in front of the Council to support Int. 1828-2019, ending FGM in the city of New York and holding the mayor's office accountable to enforce the law
  • Support the Maternal Mortality Crisis proposals to reduce infant and maternal mortality rates

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