Platform ︎

  1. Support the Green New Deal for Public Housing, will work with Council and new Mayor to create a New York City equivalent.
  2. Increase Green Space in the community via community land trusts/community purchase of derelict spaces.
  3. Collaborate with existing land trusts and Green organizations to further develop Green spaces.
  4. Expand the number of street trees in the district, where possible and able.
  5. Invite small owners and businesses to retrofit and weatherize their spaces.
  6. Reduce carbon emissions by advocating for more public walking space & closed streets during the Spring and Summer.
  7. Assess the expansion of the bike lanes, protected bike lanes, and Citi Bike.
  8. Fight to implement public power in NYC to replace private corporations like ConEd or National Grid.
  9. Support the NYPA 100% renewable energy bill.
  10. Create a climate task force to transition city workers to green jobs and to hire a new generation of city workers to help in the effort of modernizing New York City. Emphasizing the inclusion of vulnerable communities and NYCHA residents.
  11. Advocate for S.2649C , beginning the process of ending fossil fuel subsidies in New York State.

Actions ︎

  • Marched and petitioned with the No Brooklyn Pipeline.
  • Petitioned and testified against Hope Street Capital, a developer that wanted to build a development that would have gotten rid of 36,ooo square feet of green space in the district. The building of this development would increase the heat island in the district.
  • Working to influence the passing of the NYPA 100% renewable energy bill.
  • Advocate for S.2649C , beginning the process of ending fossil fuel subsidies in New York State -- using conversations.

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