Platform ︎

  1. Authored and presented a 5-Point Plan to Fully Fund CUNY by:
    • Eliminating tuition at all CUNY Community Colleges
    • Implementing a faculty Diversity Improvement Plan to increase faculty members of color in CUNY
    • Reinvesting additional funding for Mental Health and Wellness to eliminate the need for any “Health and Wellness” fee increases
    • Holding the Mayor Accountable and mandate that they fund CUNY ASAP for the next 4 years
    • Creating a Community College Prison re-entry program fully funded by the Council
  2. CUNY remedial classes - Determine their effectiveness; classes, when non-credit earning, should be free.
  3. Remove/Reduce the role of the SHSAT as vital requirements for entering specialized high schools in New York City.
  4. Digitize educational materials, removing costs of books for students in public school. Providing digital equipment to students, to use the materials: cloud, tablets, laptops et al.
  5. Free Wifi option similar to already existing means based programs such as SNAP.
  6. Support requiring the New York State Education Department to produce an annual report detailing charter school suspensions, enrollment and attrition rates.
  7. Deemphasize the weight of the standardized test for school evaluation, potentially putting more weight on other indicators like cumulative grades and teacher assessments.
  8. Increase funding for evidence-based literacy instruction for all students, with and without disabilities.
  9. Increase funding for behavioral evidence-based interventions, including literacy, restorative practices, crisis de-escalation, and direct mental health support (Cognitive behavioral therapy).
  10. Pledge to further invest in accessibility for disabled students. As of 2018, 80 percent of schools are not accessible.
  11. Allow SLTs to assist in the development of school budgets.
  12. Invest in a public option for wifi, possibly provided by the city in concert with already existing providers.
    • Option 1: Public wifi provided by the NYC Mesh community, applied citywide
    • Option 2: Means based 

Actions ︎

  • Galvanized 60+ City Council Candidates in 28 different districts to sign onto our 5-Point Plan to Fully Fund CUNY.
  • Working with teachers from District 16th to support professional development.
  • Creating civics workshops for middle schools and high schools.
  • Interviewing and surveying school staff and administrators, to understand District 16’s profile, needs and positives. 

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