Disability Justice


Platform ︎

  1. Advocate or legislate the end of subminimum wage for industries not in compliance with state regulations. I pledge to work with my colleagues in the New York State & Senate to organize and support legislation that guarantees ALL New Yorkers at least the minimum wage.
  2. I will partner with the state, city, community and private businesses to train and expand employment opportunities for the disabled 
  3. I will protect access-a-ride and work to expand the affordable services/providers
  4. Advocate or legislate the permanence of $3 access and free access to cultural institutions, privately or publicly funded.
  5. Fund new infrastructure developments and retrofit existing space to accommodate the disabled
  6. Work with State legislators and MTA to expand station accessibility
    • Elevators access for elevated stations
    • Elevators access for below-ground
    • Ramps at ground level stations
  7. Advocate for expansion of vaccine eligibility for the disabled and provide the option of at home vaccinations for our vulnerable & immobile.
  8. Expand disabled parking spots and increase the amount of available permits.
  9. Implement flexible scheduling and staffing for New York City jobs.
  10. Enact citywide housing policy, through legislation, that obligates developers to build with accessibility in mind and execution. Support developers already accommodating the disabled to build accessible entrances for their tenants.
  11. Fund the implementation of Local Law 51.
  12. Improve supportive learning services, increase funding for students with disabilities and acquire more funding for district 75 schools.
  13. Increase funding and awareness for available grants and programs to fund small businesses wishing to build accessibility upgrades.

Actions ︎

  • Vaccination awareness program for Disabled neighbors.
  • Providing surgical masks to District 75 schools in or near Council District 36.

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