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Now what? Upcoming 2021 elections in New York City politics

With the stress of the 2020 general election behind us, it is time to shift our attention to NYC’s local races in June of 2021.

Think about some issues that you have with your community and this city as a whole. Joe Biden is not responsible for fixing those problems, but your local electeds are.

Whether you are against unregulated gentrification, have gripes with the lack of funding in public transportation, or are tired of seeing people brutalized by the NYPD - your voice and vote next June can settle that dissatisfaction.

Over the next following months leading up to these races, we hope our campaign can be a guide for you to be a more active member in local democracy.

If you live in NYC, and you are not registered to vote in your district - please reconsider (especially if you are in City Council District 36).

Next year, we as a City have a chance to set the standard for what progressive legislation and leadership looks like.

What power does the City Council have?

Local government and politics shouldn’t be confusing.

When I’m a City Councilmember, one of my pursuits will be divesting from the NYPD budget and reinvesting into data-driven solutions to community problems. Hopefully, I will not be the only City Councilmember working to make that a reality.

We need to make sure that we are electing a progressive majority in the City Council next year. In order for progressives like myself to pass legislation, I will need the support from likeminded newly electeds.

Learn about my plans to Reimagine, Reinvest, and Renew the following areas:

  • Affordable housing
  • Education
  • Pubic safety
  • Economy
  • Healthcare
  • Climate

285+ candidates are running for City Council in 2021 as of November 19, 2020.

College students Aaron Narraph Fernando & Daniela Finlay made a spreadsheet to keep track of them all. This spreadsheet includes candidate websites and logos, and tracks the amount of money raised and expenditures for every candidate running.

Use this map to find out who your current City Councilmember is.

This is an opportunity to become an agent of change.

  • Get involved in your district
  • Research your local candidates
  • Donate to a campaign
  • Support your candidate of choice
  • Spread the word

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Volunteer: volunteer@osse2021.com

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