Animal Rights


Platform ︎

  • Advocate & vote for Intros. 1483-2019 & 1484-2019, which would begin the process of creating pet friendly shelters, allowing our displaced to bring their companions along with them
  • Enforce the humane treatment of animals in our public school system, including ending animal experimentation such as school hatching projects
  • Present and compel my fellow council members to call on congress to end factory farming
  • Expand food awareness and justice in our public schools in an effort to lower our city’s complicity in factory farming
  • Call on government and corporate entities to divest from agricultural industries that accelerate methane production, deforestation, and release hazardous materials into the environment
  • Require abattoirs to have video recording systems in all slaughter areas
  • Grant additional funding to the WildlifeNYC program; forge stronger ties between the program and the Department of Education to create more programming and conservation initiatives for our children and young adults
  • Ban horse carriages
  • Address the pest issue in our city’s infrastructure; lower the amount of infestations in NYCHA through a commitment to better sanitation,
  • Work with the Department of Parks for more dog parks and runs in our community, specifically in low income neighborhoods of color

Actions ︎

  • More to come!

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