Chi Ossé has always had a passion for politics. Recently Ossé has played a key role in the revitalization of the Black Lives Matters Movement. Marching alongside Warriors in the Garden, a collective of activists hailing from every borough, he confronted a militarized police force headon. As the movement continued to grow Ossé continued to discover unpassed reform initiatives, police union campaign donations, and unforgivable inaction. Committed to revolutionizing modern American politics Ossé announced his bid for City Council in the 36th district.

Osse’s family has thrived in the greater Crown Heights borough for 3 generations. Over the years, he has witnessed the negative effects of gentrification, police brutality, underfunded education, and food deserts. Chi has also experienced his community of color working tirelessly to shape their future while celebrating their vibrant African diaspora past.

Ossé intends to win the 36th district, and sponsor initiatives that will: (1) End qualified immunity, (2) Decrease the police budget and Demilitarize the NYPD, and (3) Re-invest capital and resources into communities of color and lower income communities.
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