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Chi Ossé is a third-generation Brooklynite, activist, and political candidate from Crown Heights.

Chi Ossé is an activist, third-generation Brooklynite, and prominent figure in the Black Lives Matter movement. His lived experience growing up in Brooklyn was the tense dichotomy between a nourishing upbringing in a loving community, and the daily crush of individual and systemic bigotry.

In the wake of the police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, as the nation erupted in decentralized protest, Ossé co-founded the activist collective Warriors in the Garden, and led hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers in the marches and rallies — the collective call for Black liberation. 

Culture is a concept central to Ossé’s worldview. He has worked for years in New York’s entertainment gig economy, and his father, Reggie Ossé, professionally known as Combat Jack, was a hip hop music attorney. But the “culture scene” is only a small slice of culture.

Culture is our clothes and food and language and history — and woven into the fabric of American culture are inequality, injustice, and racism.

Ossé is called to politics for its potential to combine the institutional power of government with the tidal strength of movements to enact policy and heal our culture. Diversity is our strength, and Chi Ossé is devoted to diversity’s bravest manifestation: democracy.


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